What Is Beat Dyscalculia?

Beat Dyscalculia Pack 1Beat Dyscalculia (incorporating Addacus) is a highly structured, multi-sensory numeracy programme that can be used to teach maths to children of all ages and abilities but is specifically designed as an intervention programme for children in Key Stage 1 and 2 who are struggling with the core curriculum.  It is particularly effective for those with dyscalculia, dyslexia and autism.  It has also been used with children in Key Stage 3 who are working below the expected levels.

The ABC of Numbers

Beat Dyscalculia has been created from the principle that Activities Build Concepts, and a belief that maths is a language.  It is crucial therefore, that children learn the vocabulary of numbers right from the start and that they are given the opportunity to talk about and explore concepts in order to help them understand them.

The Beat Dyscalculia Packs

Our products are available to buy as 3 packs that work together and build on each other to take children from the very foundations of numbers, counting and maths to being competent in:

  • recognition of number symbols and their values i.e.the threeness of three
  • odd and even
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • greater than and less than
  • place value
  • multiplication
  • division
  • working with bigger numbers
  • simple fractions
  • time
Each pack contains a photocopiable workbook, and companion CD that guides you through the course, together with colour-coded Some of The Beat Dyscalculia Kitand carefully designed physical materials that allow children to learn in whatever way works best for them – through a combination of touching, seeing, hearing and doing.  The workbook is divided up into lots of short exercises to cope with short concentration spans, with many double page spreads containing up to 7 different activities.
Each lesson includes:
  • physical activities, such as manipulating the materials to explore and discuss number
  • listening and interacting
  • speaking and explaining to peers
  • calculations using the materials to help
  • pencil and paper activities
  • drawing
  • songs for each number and for the four processes of number
  • stories, games and poems

Concepts are taught and repeated in different ways in order to reinforce what’s being learnt.  Children are encouraged to explore and learn in a structured way with the support of and interaction with a teacher, teaching assistant or parent.

Each lesson is bite-sized and is designed to be completed within about 30 minutes.  We would recommend that Beat Dyscalculia is done every day.
Each workbook includes a hidden character to look out for on each page and a certificate of achievement at the end of the course.


An Addacus - an essential part of the Beat Dyscalculia PackAn essential part of Beat Dyscalculia is the Addacus machine – a patented abacus with a difference, invented by Celia Stone.  The Addacus is designed to teach the concept on hundreds, tens and units, place value and decimals and can be used to do basic addition and subtraction in a fun and physical way.  Crucially, unlike a traditional abacus, each post only holds 9 cubes so that when you get to ten, you automatically know that you have to ‘exchange’ ten units for a ten and ‘carry over’ to the next post.

It has been researched, tested and modified by The Centre for Design Research at Northumbria University.

The Addacus is included in Pack 1, and is used throughout the Beat Dyscalculia course.  Addacus machines can also be bought separately from our online shop.