Video Training

Training can delivered via video streaming direct to you.

Alternatively it can be delivered in person by Celia Stone (see ‘Group Training‘)

Beat Dyscalculia Training Videos

Betty Stather, Celia Stone and Jo Liversidge filming the Beat Dyscalculia Training Videos

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1. Beat Dyscalculia Introduction: Overview –  VIEW FOR FREE

2. Beat Dyscalculia Introduction: How is Beat Dyscalculia Delivered?

3. Beat Dyscalculia Essentials: Rainbow Numbers

4. Beat Dyscalculia Essentials: The Addacus

5. Beat Dyscalculia Essentials: Stringalongs

6. Beat Dyscalculia Essentials: Number Strips

7. Beat Dyscalculia Essentials: Cards

8. Beat Dyscalculia Essentials: Games

9. Beat Dyscalculia Key Topics: Multiplication and Times Tables

10. Beat Dyscalculia Key Topics: Money

11. Beat Dyscalculia Key Topics: Fractions and Decimals

12. Beat Dyscalculia Key Topics: Time

Filming the Beat Dyscalculia Training Videos