Buy Beat Dyslexia at a Discount

Beat Dyslexia Book 1 from the same authors as Beat DyscalculiaDirect From the Authors

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve now added our step-by-step multi-sensory literacy programme, Beat Dyslexia to our online shop, and because you’re buying direct from us, the authors, we can offer each of the 6 books at a flat price of £25 plus postage and packaging.  The books are also available from outlets such as Amazon and from publisher LDA, however, the prices can vary widely and they’re not always available.

Each of the books has recently been updated (after first being published in 1998!) and Book 6 was added to the series last year.

The success of Beat Dyslexia inspired us to create the numeracy equivalent, Beat Dyscalculia.

For further information about any of the books, please contact us.


This new, revised edition retains all the strengths of the well-established “Beat Dyslexia” series to support those students struggling to read, write or spell. The comprehensive programme develops literacy skills by combining successful phonological approaches with the very best of conventional, multi-sensory and structured teaching methods. The series takes pupils from the earliest stages of letter recognition through to full literacy. Using a wide range of imaginative approaches, the activities are carefully structured so that all the goals are small and attainable. Pupils gain confidence through consolidation and success as they develop their reading skills and build a sound understanding of basic spelling and grammar. The wide variety of phonic activities are based on multi-sensory techniques that assist the teacher in maintaining pupils’ interest and enthusiasm – making them ideal for those with short concentration spans. Although primarily designed for dyslexic pupils of all ages, in one-to-one or small group sessions, the careful use of visual and aural approaches, in a clearly structured progression, make them suitable for any pupil struggling to acquire literacy skills.