Problems with filling in the missing number questions

I have been thinking again about problems with the empty box calculations and came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to practise with the children using the reading pack sentence cards and a blank card to replace the empty box, before giving them the written work. This would get them prepared.

So when making sentences you would do lots of:

2+3=5;     3+2=5;     5=3+2;     5=2+3

Now place the blank card on top of one of the numbers and say, “What am I hiding?”

“What is the “something”  under here?”

2+?(blank card;) =5;     ?+3=5;     5=3+?;     5= ?+2;     ? =2+3      ?=3+2

Follow with 

5-3=2        5-2=3         3=5-2        2=5-3

5- ? =2        5-?=3         3=?-2        2=?-3

Then progress to the written exercises in the book

Just thought of that!!  It’s hot off the press!!  

So I hope it helps.