Schools Use Beat Dyscalculia To Get Ready for the New Curriculum in Numeracy

Child using Addacus machine created by Celia Stone from Beat DyscalculiaSince the announcement of the new national curriculum from September 2014, schools have been contacting us about using Beat Dyscalculia as the basis of their numeracy teaching.

Beat Dyscalculia uses a multi-sensory approach which appeals to a wide range of children and caters to their different learning styles.  It creates solid foundations, and then allows children to build on that knowledge at their own pace, by using repetition, and using a specially designed set of tools to explore and visualise numbers, and use for problem solving.

Beat Dyscalculia Founder and Creator, Celia Stone said, ‘Our programme focusses on teaching the language of numbers which is one of the key elements of the new national curriculum.  Although, it has been designed to help children who are struggling with maths and number concepts, our evidence shows that it works for any children by working in small achievable steps, letting them use different tools and methods for to explore the same ideas and functions, and allowing to work at a speed that suits them.  We think it’s ideal for introducing ideas like fractions and times tables at a younger age, as the new maths framework proposes.’

In particular, Beat Dyscalculia puts an emphasis on maths vocabulary, understanding each number, number bonds and place value. The course comes in 3 boxes and uses colour, shape, sound and touch to progressively build understanding and covers:

  • Numbers from 0 to 999
  • The concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • The language of numeracy
  • Place value, fractions and decimals
  • Money, time, and times tables

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Beat Dyscalculia Pack 1 from Addacus Ltd created by Celia Stoen

Beat Dyscalculia Pack 2 created by Celia Stone and Myra Nicholson from Beat DyslexiaBeat Dyscalculia from Addacus Ltd created by Celia Stone and Myra Nicholson from Beat Dyslexia

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