For Private Tutors

Say “Goodbye” to lesson preparation. This programme provides plenty of materials to help you:

a) assess your pupil’s particular stumbling blocks
b) deliver a highly structured multi-sensory remedial or introductory numeracy scheme
c) provide a cumulative learning structure without having to plan it
d) ensure that concepts are presented at the “just-right” pace to deliver the “just right” challenge
e) make lessons full of variety and fun
f) over-teach without boredom
g) include talk skills to ensure that the pupil can describe what’s happening
h) gain feedback from the pupil, thus teaching using continuous assessment
i) drill facts to be memorised through music and games

Each pack contains enough materials for 3 or 4 children, working in a group. You may prefer, however, and find it easier, to use a Pack One and 2 discovery packs for 3 children. That way each child has their own set of rainbow numbers, stringalongs, number strips and reading cards.