For Parents

Would You Like To Do More To Support Your Child’s Maths Learning At Home?

Beat Dyscalculia – The Complete Maths Programme in a Box

Beat Dyscalculia is ideal for parents to use with their children because:

  • it doesn’t require any knowledge of maths or teaching
  • everything is included
  • you are guided through the course by the workbook and CD
  • it makes learning fun
  • gives you the opportunity to play games and spend some quality time with your child whilst learning

We would recommend Beat Dyscalculia if you have a child who:

  • is falling behind in their maths at school
  • you suspect of know that they are dyslexic, dycalculic or autistic
  • is using Beat Dyscalculia or a similar intervention programme at school
  • is struggling to learn their times tables
  • is struggling with a particular maths concept like time or fractions
  • struggles to do their maths homework and you don’t know how to help them
  • panics when faced with anything to do with numbers.

Order now or talk to us about how Beat Dyscalculia can help you and your child.