We’re Offering Free Training!

Celia Stone, creator of Beat Dyscalculia from Addacus LtdWe’re offering a day’s free training to anyone who’d be happy to feature in our training videos.  Ideally we need 5 or 6 people to take part in one of our normal classroom-based training sessions with MD and Co-Creator, Celia Stone and we’ll film the session. We’re happy to have individuals from different schools or if you’d like us to come to your school and run a session for a group of your staff, let us know.  And as a thank you, we’ll let you have access to the finished videos.

Ideally we’d like to film sometime during the week beginning 2nd December, ideally on a week day or a Saturday.

The aim of the videos is to allow us to offer Celia’s expertise and training to a wider audience.  They’ll be available to watch/download from our website with a selection of other resources.  Once a school has signed up, they’ll have access to them for as long as they need and for as many people as they need.

To volunteer please contact our video producer, Lisa – lisa.kendrick@thecloudexecs.com, 07976 813409.