Beat Dyscalculia is currently used in around 1000 schools in the UK and around the world including Cyprus, America, South Africa, USA, Denmark, and Malaysia.  Here are some of the reviews and testimonials we’ve received from people who are using it:

“The programme allowed them to take control of their own learning and build self-esteem through success… Staff noticed that the children were instantly engaged and enthusiastic. They could not wait to investigate the material further.”

Headmaster, School Improvement Partner and Ofsted Inspector, West Yorkshire

“Since receiving the Addacus equipment and programme last Autumn(2006), it has been used on a weekly basis with a small group of under-achieving year 1 pupils who also had behavioural problems. It has proven to be an incredible tool, not only to increase the children’s understanding and confidence with the number system, but also in building up their general self-esteem and social interaction. They found it fun to use and felt no pressure in the learning process. As a result, their competitive “squabbles” gradually ceased and their attitude towards one another developed into a considerate appreciation of one another. Wonderful!

It has also been used occasionally on a 1 to1 basis with a young child on the Autism Spectrum, who was working in the year below his year group but who was also of high intelligence. The Addacus equipment was an excellent tool for consolidating and extending his understanding of number, especially in regard to place value using Hundreds, Tens and Units. He especially enjoyed the “stringalongs”, which we also used as part of a lesson on comparing different  lengths.

The Addacus has also been used to help a group of lower ability year 5/6 pupils in grasping the concept of addition and subtraction using Hundreds, Tens and Units. The children expressed their appreciation with phrases like, “Oh! I get it now.” Phrases like that are music to a teacher’s ears!”

Special Needs Teacher, West Yorkshire

“We trialled Addacus with 2 pupils and were so encouraged by the results that we are now having 11 members of our staff trained to use it.”

Headmaster, Private School, West Yorkshire

“A great deal of thought has been given to the ADDACUS programme – there are no ambiguities – all aspects of the programme are integrated and work together as a whole. Addacus is a truly multi-sensory programme and most important of all it is great fun.”

Lincolnshire County Council Learning Support Service 

“Today I went to a seminar about this new product and was so massively impressed I wanted to draw it to the attention of others who may benefit. It has been devised by Celia Stone and Myra Nicholson, two of the co-authors of Beat Dyslexia. It is a highly structured programme with accompanying concrete aids to teach number concepts, particularly place value, number bonds, tables etc, in a multi-sensory way. I imagined from an advert I had seen that it was for use with individuals, but having seen it, I can envisage using it with our lowest maths set. It is brilliant for dyslexic / dyscalculic pupils. Check it out!”

SENCO, West Yorkshire (writing on a SENCO Forum)