Outstanding Schools Improve Results With Beat Dyscalculia!

A Primary School Child Using Beat Dyscalculia from Addacus LtdOver recent months we’ve been contacted by a growing number of Primary schools who:

  • get great SATs results
  • have been graded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted
  • are Centres of Excellence
  • and generally have consistent success in numeracy with the majority of their pupils
  • but who are now looking for ways to work with the 4 or 5 pupils in each year group who struggle to reach the targets set for them

As a result, we’re now working with the Maths Co-ordinators in these schools to implement Beat Dyscalculia, not as a separate intervention, but in the classroom as part of numeracy lessons.

Co-creator of Beat Dyscalculia, Celia Stone said that, ‘These schools have recognised that making a child sit through a numeracy lesson they’re struggling with and then taking them out of class to do even more maths, can feel more like torture rather than a strategy designed to help.  What does work, however, is fundamentally changing numeracy lessons for these children: Going back to the beginning and teach them in a different way.  This can be done in a small group in the classroom as part of the numeracy lesson.  Using Beat Dyscalculia to do this will rebuild strong foundations and confidence and improve understanding.  Children will then be able to move onto more complex mathematical concepts and tasks with ease, and slot back into the main lesson when they’re ready.  Our evidence shows that children can improve by 3 or 4 sub-levels in as little as 10 sessions.

‘These schools are tending to buy 1 pack per class or year group and are undertaking training with us, so that this strategy can be implemented throughout the school where needed.

‘We’re also finding that some teachers are choosing to  use the resources in their Beat Dyscalculia packs to demonstrate certain concepts such as fractions in a more visual, physical and memorable way for the whole class.’

To find out more about our Beat Dyscalculia packs and how to buy them, see out How To Buy page, or find out more about our combined packages of packs and training.