How Beat Dyscalculia Fits The New Numeracy Curriculum

Resources from Beat Dyscalculia from Addacus LtdWe’re currently working our way through the Government’s proposals for a new Numeracy Curriculum in Primary Schools and are pleased to announce that Beat Dyscalculia can be used to teach everything except mass, weights, capacity and volume measurements and geometry.

In fact, our multi-sensory approach takes the more abstract elements of numeracy that aren’t naturally multi-sensory (unlike weighing or measuring something) and makes them concrete, fun and easy for children to investigate and understand. ┬áIt focusses on many of the aims of the new curriculum including

  • making sure that children are fluent in the fundamentals of maths,
  • that they can reason and solve problems for themselves,
  • and that they work at their own pace and consolidate understanding before moving on
  • and in fact it also meets some of the literacy objectives by including stories, songs and poems and focussing on the language of numbers and maths

We’ve created a table (downloadable as a pdf below) showing how Beat Dyscalculia can be used to teach the Year 1 curriculum and will add tables for the other years as and when we’ve completed them.

How Beat Dyscalculia Meets The New Curriculum for Numeracy in Year 1 (pdf)

For further information on how to use Beat Dyscalculia in your particular educational setting, please contact us.