SPECIAL OFFER: Help Struggling Maths Learners for the Cost of 1 Pupil Premium!

Beat Dyscalculia helps struggling maths learners

We’re currently busy promoting our Pupil Premium Special Offer which offers schools a great value package of Beat Dyscalculia packs and training, proven results, and an easy way to verify how the money is being spent in order help poorer pupils.

We’re emailing this offer out to primary schools who we think might be interested, but the details are below if you haven’t received one.

The current offer extended to April 2013, and you can find out more or order your package by calling us on 01943 871 902, or emailing us at c.stone@addacus.co.uk, quoting PPOFFER.



  1. Get everything you need to help struggling maths learners for the price of a single Pupil Premium
  2. Reported average improvements have been 1.5 sub-levels in 10 weeks
  3. Package includes full multi-sensory teaching programme plus staff training
“We had a boy in year 5 who was stuck at 2c and despite our best efforts we could not move him. After 10 sessions of 1:1 teaching using the Addacus materials he was re-assessed and came out as a 3b. The system just seemed to work for him!”Addacus is offering schools the chance to try their structured multi-sensory programme, Beat Dyscalculia.  It has been created by dyslexia experts and creators of Beat Dyslexia, Celia Stone and Myra Nicholson, and is designed to improve the results of struggling students and meet the aims of the Pupil Premium.Benefits include:

  • Fully measurable and proven results
  • Accountability for Ofsted or other reporting
  • A programme and training that can be used throughout the school
  • An effective intervention strategy or different way to support class learning as part of the standard curriculum
  • Works for any child but particularly for children with dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism and other learning difficulties

The course comes in 3 boxes and uses colour, shape, sound and touch to progressively build understanding and cover:

  • Numbers from 0 to 999
  • The concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • The language of numeracy
  • Place value, fractions and decimals
  • Money, time, and times tables

Choose from 2 offers:

  • For 1 Pupil Premium (£600) – 2 boxes of your choice and a half day’s training for up to 20 teachers and teaching assistants
  • For 2 Pupil Premiums (£1200) – 6 boxes of your choice and 2 half day’s training for up to 40 teachers and teaching assistants

 “We are very pleased and excited with the progress the children are making and would recommend these materials to other schools as an excellent intervention for struggling pupils.”

For further information about Beat Dyscalculia see our website and to find out what’s included in each pack see our how to buy section.

 Beat Dyscalculia from Addacus – the complete multi-sensory maths programme in a box

For more information about the Pupil Premium, see the Department for Education website.